On The Road Again (California Trip)
WordCamp Torino 2016
Silence is Better Than Bullshit
Farmer Sea
Prova a prenderle!
Low Standards, High Fives - Enough
Ame Ray Vids
Wall Paintz
Without Fun There’s No Point
This Charming Man
Good Morning
Fight for Your Right
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
It's The End Of The World
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Guido Tersilli
Love Will Tear Us Apart
I Don' Like Monday
Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner
Don't Dream It, Be It
There's No Crying in Baseball
Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless (À bout de souffle)
Low Standards, High Fives - Revolushhhh
Summer Rain
Two brothers, Two kids, One love!
Accademia della Felicità e Sperling & Kupfer Editore
Garrett Klahn + Low Standards, High Fives @Spazio211
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